Ayahuasca Vs. Iboga

In comparing Iboga and Ayahuasca the most difficult part is finding any common ground at all. They are as different as two experiences could be, though each of them are master medicines in their own right. The Iboga experience is completely unique in the realm of psychedelics, almost to the point where it should be a part of a different category. The intense stimulant effect of the Ibogaine alkaloid is largely responsible for the separation. Whereas most psychedelics either heighten normal senses or make them seem to disappear altogether, during the Iboga experience you are acutely aware of the physical discomfort of the body. Rapid heart rate, persistent nausea, intense dizziness, buzzing in the ears, and the stern voice of the Truth?This lasts for 24 hours strong. There were some people who didn?t sleep for 3 days after taking Iboga. Contrastingly, Ayahuasca arrives with a warm buzz, brings the fireworks, a purge, and then 8-10 hours later a peaceful connectedness that allows you a full night?s sleep. Looked at this way, Ayahuasca may seem preferable. However, the sheer psychobytes of content downloaded from Iboga is unrivaled, and part of what makes that medicine so incredibly powerful.


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Riport Txana Ixa-val (törzsi vezető és sámán) az ayahuasca-ról

Riport Txana Ixa-val (törzsi vezető és sámán) az ayahuasca-ról

Eindbaen.nl újabb riportja, ezúttal Txana Ixa-val aki törzsi vezető és sámán. Ezúttal többek között az ayahuasca-ról is beszél.