True Visions and the Vine of the Soul – Ayahuasca

Ozora Festival Magic Garden / Chambok House
2012-Aug-08, 17: 00 – 19: 00

Lecture by Dr. Ede Frecska

During its history mankind has devoted astonishing attention toward visionary states of consciousness. Even nowadays, in many tribal societies and Eastern cultures visionary states are regarded as sacred or revered conditions, visions are considered conveying relevant information for the person (or the community) experiencing them. In Western culture the importance of visionary states has become grossly disregarded. Even more, many traditional methods for the induction of these states of consciousness are criminalized, and the scientific research of this field is marginalized. In lack of adequate research contemporary neuroscience, clinical and legal practice cannot make distinction between disorganized and integrative types of altered states of consciousness. That is controversial if one takes into consideration that trance-like states with visions were present at the origin of human cultural achievements like paleolithic art, tribal healing, organized religions, Sumerian civilization, and even Aristotelian logic. The discovery of the double helix and polymerase chain reaction are contemporary examples. The author emphasizes that the mythological tradition of every culture (tribal, Eastern, Greco-Roman included), and the mentality of Pre-Columbian South-American civilizations can only be poorly understood without knowing the nature of visionary states. In the presentation special attention will be paid to the role of visionary plants, like yopo and ayahuasca in the advent and survival of South-American traditions.

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Riport Txana Ixa-val (törzsi vezető és sámán) az ayahuasca-ról

Riport Txana Ixa-val (törzsi vezető és sámán) az ayahuasca-ról

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